Industrial Military Complex : The Iraqi War Essay

Industrial Military Complex : The Iraqi War Essay

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Jason Torres
Professor: Jordan Windholz
ENG 1102. E02
Industrial Military Complex: The Iraqi War
The second Gulf war or the Iraqi war saw Saddam Hussein being toppled from power. It was a great achievement by the Western supremacies and their allies as far as the restoration of peace in the region is concerned. Many reasons prompted America to wage this war. It is, however, worth noting that the intervention in the area was not meant to be prolonged. After the restoration of peace and normalcy, the US and its allies were to let the country run its affairs. Eventually, the US stayed for eight years, channeling resources into the war until it achieved success. Initially, this success was not realistic to some scholars as the paper will discuss. This essay will address the Iraq war as a factor of the industrial-military complex and its causes and effects as a contemporary social problem.
The second Gulf war sparked various issues within the years of its operation. The war instigated a humanitarian crisis that has since raised eyebrows in the international arena (Burkle and Garfield 878). Since the beginning of the war, four million people had been displaced. An estimated number of 100 people were losing their lives daily in the advent of the war. The fighting resulted in a third of the Iraqi population being classified as being below the poverty line. The humanitarian emergency reached a crisis level that can be equated to other world’s catastrophes.
The conflict also had political and economic consequences. Since the Iraqi invasion in 2003, the United States had engineered policies geared towards opening up the country to foreign investors. The policies had also disbanded some state-owned enterprises and factories. Moreover...

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...s claims, the rationalist framework cannot be considered as lacking a predictive power. I thus find the war as more likely, everything else equal, as the quality of the information possessed by one state about the attempts of the militarization of others.
Conclusively, the controversy surrounding the US invasion of Iraq continues to trigger significant questions in the theory of international relations. Lakes advocates for the theories in IR to face out the rationalist approach but I hold the view that improvements on it are vital. The changes made in the approach will help in understanding the challenging situation in Iraq. The challenges should, therefore, be taken positively in the improvement of the theory. The significant drawbacks present in the rationalist approach as a result of the Iraq war is because it treats power shifts as being exogenous.

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