Essay on Individuals, Society, Companies, and The Government

Essay on Individuals, Society, Companies, and The Government

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A set of individuals makes up the society as a whole, which lives in an environment that it needs to preserve in order to survive. Individual’s goal is to make his life better by being able to afford as many goods as possible. By pursuing profit, most successful individuals of our society establish profit-seeking structures called companies. Companies, aside from producing goods for individuals’ use and generating profit for their owners, create negative effects on the environment and therefore on the society. Government’s job is to protect the society and keep its environment healthy. If we simplify the structure of the world we live in, we might understand the motives that guide each of these subjects and what are the negative effects on the whole society, on their way to achieving their goal. Well-being of one of them shouldn’t exclude the other.
Consumers are usually led by “the more, the better” way of thinking. Striving toward satisfying that principle has led to the kind of consumer community we are today. We have become a society with an ever-growing rate of consumption and disposal of used products. By decreasing the demand for various kinds of goods that are not of the vital necessity, we might actually do good for the society as a whole. By reducing waste, we are preserving the environment.
Government’s main concern should be protection of society and setting laws and ground rules that would allow the market to operate freely. Government’s interventions in the market have proven to be faulty on several occasions. The reason for that might be that the government officials haven’t taken into consideration all the facts because of the scope or complexity of an issue, or they haven’t accurately predicted what the impact...

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...edge about the materials they are using, process of production and type of pollution they are producing, than a government does. Their profit being at stake is what gives them more motivation to use any available resource when finding the best possible solution.
Other types of non-profit organizations founded by individuals such as foundations should exist and should be allowed to operate without the burden of taxes. Whatever the motives of their owners were to found them in the first place, they should not get in the way of the much greater possibilities these foundations offer when it comes to helping society in numerous ways. Together with governments’ efforts to increase the average living standard, and companies’ effort when it comes to reducing pollution, we are on a good path of preserving our planet and securing a safer future for the future generations.

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