Individuality As A Group Of People Essay

Individuality As A Group Of People Essay

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Individuality according to means “the aggregate of qualities and characteristics that distinguish one person or thing from others; character: choices that were intended to express individuality; monotonous towns lacking in individuality”. Or in other words, individuality is what makes people different from one person to another. Although, people are different, we all feel a need to belong to a group in society. I believe that people feel that they need to belong to a group because in a group you can talk about your dilemmas and receive comfort from others. In a group of people you can talk about your ambitions and your viewpoint on many topics. Many problems arise from individuality and from feeling the need to belong to a group. Individuality creates many problems because many people will not accept somebody in their group just because they are different, which then leads to a problem of wanting to be in a group. If you are not pictured as the “normal person” then it is very hard to be accepted by others. Many people will do almost anything to be accepted. Even conform to be like others and lose one’s individuality. Now, with the help of the sources that I found while I was doing the research, I will be able to argue that the black portrait in America can be change.
The portrait of a black man that people have had in their mind for many decades has narrowed their vision about black men and has automatically affected the black man 's identity. When it comes to a black person, one already has a picture in his or her mind and draws a conclusion about how black people have to look and act. After I read the essay entitled, “Just Walk on by: Black Men and Public Space,” written by Brent Staples, in which he talks about t...

... middle of paper ... school and I encourage black people to go to school in order to cross the limitations drawn by others. Some of us have to change that negative portrait, as Dr. Martin Luther King went to the mountaintop and saw the better days of black people in America. I would like to address this to mixed ignorant group of people that always have negative portrait of black people to shift from negative to positive images and start teaching their next generation about high expectations for black people and consider them as a part of this multiculturalism country, rather than violent and uneducated criminals. To change the negative portrait of black people who are considered to be good for nothing must change their perspectives by focusing on education, controlling their tempers and being responsible for their actions. Yes, it is possible to change the black negative portrait!

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