Individual Reflection For The Final Project Essay

Individual Reflection For The Final Project Essay

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Individual Reflection for the Final Project.
Throughout this term, my fellow classmates and I have had a chance to participate in a group project with two or three of our peers. The general topic was a vivid problem in a industry. Our class had a very wide and diverse sets of topics: from Styrofoam, to industrial hacking, to corruption in an influential international organization like FIFA, and so many more. Our group decided to develop a project named “Outsourcing and the price we pay for brands”. The name itselves is somewhat self-explanatory, however the problem is so much more complicated and interesting. In this paper, many struggles and concerns, of the group and of my my own, will be unfolded as I reflect the progress of this project.
My group consisted of Anna Tegge, Nick Marino, Michelle Alano and myself, Leo Nguyen.
To begin with, we started officially working on our project on April 17th, a Sunday night. Even though that night was the first meeting of the group, we have exchanged our phone numbers and started our communication via group messaging; and that remained our main communication hub throughout the project. The first meeting was when we drafted the group contract. That was probably the first time for everyone in our group to have done something like that. However, we sticked to the given guideline, which included: a project timeline, a task guide

and an expectation guide; therefore, the formality of the contract was not difficult. The hard part about the group project was to delegate tasks among the group members and to split the work into time segment. Having done quite a lot of team projects in the past, I suggested the group to select a weekly meeting time and that meeting would be the deadline for the ta...

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...deas and pay a lot of attention to nonverbal language of the people around them. Culture is something that if one have never encountered or exposed to it, he or she would never know. I hope that after this project, besides of the knowledge we gained from the research itselves, all four of us would improve even more on our intercultural and interpersonal communication skills. Because at the end of the day, the knowledge that one have learnt might be forgotten, but all of the skills that one have gained will stay for a very long time.
In conclusion, I really did enjoy the this group project. We had great group chemistry, an interesting topic, an effective and consistent preparation period. That sounds like a formula to a successful group project to me. This is probably the most enjoyable group work experience for me at Augustana so far. If I could, I would do it again.

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