India 's Influence On The United States Essay

India 's Influence On The United States Essay

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Peter Singer discussed how the United States should do more to help refugees who are starving and he used Bengal, India as an example. India has had many natural and man-made disasters which has had an impact on their being able to grow and have the necessary resources. He believed that it is morally our duty to help those in need and if we don’t do it, it’s the same as purposely harming them. He also talked about distance and how it shouldn’t affect how we help or view other people. Many people do not mind helping someone who’s in close proximity, but won’t be willing to help someone miles away. He called this discrimination and no one should decide whether or not they 're going to help someone based on geographical locations.
He also believed the line between charity and duty is not as distinct as it used to be, and makes some people mad. He stated, it should be considered a bad thing when people refuse to donate to charities but turn around and buy new clothes or a car. If a person has enough money to spend on luxuries, then they have enough to donate to famine relief. T...

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