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Essay on India 101

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What if I was to ask you where the Himalayan Mountains are located, would you be able to answer correctly? If no was your answer, I would have to agree, and I think a lot of people would not know either. The Himalayan Mountains can be seen in the northern part of India, and in the south of India’s subcontinent. Furthermore, they are divided into three ranges, the Outer Himalayans, the Lesser Himalayans, and the Great Himalayans. They have over 110 peaks and their heights range from 10,000FT to 30,000FT high. The Himalayans are very popular, amongst, tourists and mountain climbers. According to, over 2700 people have climbed the famous Mount Everest, which is located in the Great Himalayans and over 200 have died, over failed attempts. Mountain climbing can be a fascinating experience, and it’s proven to attract more people each day, because of its beauty and heights. (History channel)
India’s republic is located in the Asia. The capital city is New Delhi. It is made up of 28 states, a National Capital Territory and six union territories. With their enormous population, India has become the second in over population, while China is first, with a total of 1.35 billion people. India’s population is over 1 billion, in other words, there are roughly 1000 citizens per square mile. It’s predicted that India will take the number one spot, in total population by the year of 2030, with an estimated of 1.53 billion people. (Columbia Encyclopedia)
Here is another important fact, did you know, years ago, the life expediency of an Indian was 65 years old? I researched this further more and here are the results to prove the above, 50% of their population was below the age of 25, and 65% below the age of 35. Over 4% of thei...

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