The Incident Of Hannah Miller 's ' Hannah ' Essay

The Incident Of Hannah Miller 's ' Hannah ' Essay

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they may have been abused or seen something. Hannah did not talk about any other incident and spoke specifically and in detail about the incident involving you.
I enquired if Logan remembered what he was wearing that day. Logan said he was wearing black shorts and he thinks a white t-shirt. I said let me tell you a little bit about what she has told us. Hannah told us she was at her parent’s property while he was clearing out some brush. She then said you stopped for a moment and talked to her dad, which matches up with what you told me. She said she had to use the restroom, yet there is no restroom out there. So she got out of the truck and used the restroom next to a tree. As she was returning back to the truck. That is where she met you. Hannah went on to explain she has never met you before this day. I asked Logan if that was in fact true. Logan said yes, he has never seen her before that day.
I went on further to tell him, Hannah said you were very helpful and nice. She said it was a long way up for her to get back into the truck and she is just a little girl that you helped lift her back into the truck. Logan said he did help her. I said she is not telling us that you are a monster or anything like that. She is simply telling us that something happened. She told us at some point you pulled your private out and showed her. Hannah is able to describe what it looks like and what you said to her. She quoted you as asking her “if she wanted to touch it?” She told you “yes and touched it.”
This is where I want you to tell me what exactly occurred because the only rubber thing you said you had would have been your knife. I don’t imagine you had her touch your knife. Logan said no, he never asked her anything like that. I asked w...

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...t reminded them of. In doing so Hannah said it looked and felt like rubber. My question now for you Logan would be why would she make that up? Logan said I don’t know. He said the only thing he had in his pants was his knife. I asked if there was any way that as he grabbed his knife that your penis might have came out. Logan said I usually have more than one pair of underwear on and will two or three pairs, but on this day he only had on one pair because it was a lazy day. He had on one pair of underwear and his shorts. He said when it gets hard he will usually pull it up so nobody will see. He said he is “pretty sure it wasn’t hanging out, like 99% sure.” Helen asked Logan if he asked her to touch it. He said he didn’t ask her to do anything. I said if I recall I even think she said you may have asked her to see or touch her private. Logan said that never happened.

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