The Incarceration Rates Of Black Males Versus White Males Essay

The Incarceration Rates Of Black Males Versus White Males Essay

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In the U.S. we have a problem. People see the color of someone’s skin and stereotype based on the color and that determines how one treats others. There are an unsettling difference in drug incarceration rates of black males versus white males. This is a major problem and people realize that these issues, still happen and nothing is being accomplished to improve this. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, I hope this memo helps to bring you attention to these problems many people are facing. Enough to move you and encourages you to make a difference. There are many more black males that are incarcerated for drugs compared to white males. In this memo, I will cover the rates of incarceration for blacks versus whites, the reasons for the high rates, education, and the effects after prison.
Rates of incarceration
It is known to the public that the incarceration rates are unfair. Today in our society people starts to take notice of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination plays a key role in why many black males are incarcerated over the white males. From an article by Christopher Ingraham claims that black males are far more likely to be arrested for the possession or selling of illegal drugs that the white males. One other important fact that Ingraham states is that according to a National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, white people are 45% more likely to sell drugs than black people. When selling drugs Ingraham implies that poor black communities tend to deal drugs outdoors giving them a higher chance of getting caught while white people sell indoors. This definitely may come as a shock to many people since they like to use the stereotype of all black people being drug dealers. From a different source titled “The Drug Wa...

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...grams that help ease people who just got released a good transition. This is not good because many people are more likely to commit an offense again and go back to prison.
There is a big deal going on in our world with black people being racially profiled. The incarceration rates of black people versus white people is very high and it should not be for the exact same crimes committed. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, I hope by now after you have read my memo that it has sparked something in your mind to make a change. I have shown the difference in how blacks and whites are treated differently for drug use. To conclude this memo, I covered the rates of incarceration for blacks versus whites, the reasons for the high rates, education, and the effects after prison. I hope to see in the future these rates go down to black people being incarcerated.

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