The Incarceration Of The Correctional System Essay

The Incarceration Of The Correctional System Essay

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One in every 108 adults were placed behind bars in 2012 (Dimon). That made for 2.2 million prisoners in the United States ("The Sentencing Project News - Incarceration"). This is almost the population of Houston, Texas ("Facts and Figures"). In the years following its creation, the correctional system has become a rougher place to live with nearly one percent of the whole United States population behind bars. Both the mental illness and murder rates have increased, along with return rate of prisoners. The increase of problems can be blamed on the many factors including the unstable prison environment, the rapid spread of disease and the high return rate. In general, U.S. prisoners are far worse off than those in other countries in terms of treatment, reform and suicide rate. Some countries take care of their prisoners by treating them like humans and helping them prepare for life back in the normal population.The US correctional system is supposed to be reforming people, but instead it has further harmed them and has caused more problems than it is solving.
The United States’ prison system is a tough place for people to live. This can be blamed on the fact that the prisoners do not have a lot of human interaction. Some prisoners are isolated up to 23 hours a day in complete isolation (Goode). To add to that, many of the prisoners live in constant fear for their life. This can be blamed on the high murder rate and suicide rate inside of the prisons. In 2011, suicides made up 5.5% of inmate deaths that occurred behind prison walls (Smith). Once the prisoners have served their time in jail, they are often not able to overcome the movement from isolation to normal life outside of jail.
Prisoners live in constant fear of gangs. Ri...

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...ns while in prison. This lack of education makes it more difficult for them to gain employment once out of jail. Additionally, most employers are hesitant to hire an ex-convict. Without a job, former inmates often turn back to a life of crime. When back in society, the ex-convict may seek old friends, gang members, associates for help and support. This can lead to a relapse into criminal activities. Once someone is in a gang, it is often very hard to get out of one without having their or their family’s life threatened. While the US prison return rate is high, other countries have lower return rates.
A prison that is famous for its low return rate is Bastoy Prison, located in Norway (James). In Norway, the prison is run as if the prisoners are real people who still have responsibility. These responsibilities can range from having a job to making their own meals.

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