Incandescent Lights Be Replaced By Compact Fluorescent Lights Essay

Incandescent Lights Be Replaced By Compact Fluorescent Lights Essay

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Should all Incandescent Lights be replaced by Compact Fluorescent Lights?

Incandescent lighting has been used for vast period of time dating back to the early Eighteenth century (MDH, 2012). With an increase in technology and more demands from the modern-lifestyle, a switch to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) is gradually taking place. There were some reserves about the phasing out of incandescent lights especially over initial economic costs, yet the introduction of CFL is welcomed by many for its environmental superiority over the traditional incandescent bulbs (Dolland, 2012). Where some countries are yet to phase out the incandescent globes, other countries such as Australia, have already prohibited the use of Incandescent lights, this prompts the question “Should all Incandescent Lights be replaced by Compact Fluorescent Lights?”

Compact Fluorescent Lamps produce light differently to that of Incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs require an electric current to run through a wire filament to emit light – whereas the electric current of a CFL will flow through a tube filled with Argon and Mercury vapours (Keptin, 2013). This generates an invisible ultraviolet light that provides energy to a fluorescent coating of Phosphor on the inside of the tube – resulting in visible light.

In Incandescent globes, the electric current running through the wire filament heats it to a point that the metal then glows, and the energy of heating that wire can be seen when the bulb lights up. The wire filament in the bulb must be of a high melting point as to not melt when heated by the electric current. An Inert gas such as Argon is used to slow down the evaporation of the filament (Jenny Craft, 2007)...

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