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853 words

Electrical engineering arose in the late 1800s and was heavily influenced by the work of many pioneers such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and George Westinghouse. These inventors contributed greatly to the work in which electricity could be efficiently produced, distributed and used to improve society in a big way. Electrical engineering is a form of science that specializes in the study of electricity, electromagnetism, and electromechanical devices. Mathematics is the common language that is used to describe the theories and principles that are in this field, also electrical engineers need to be able to navigate their way through equations that describe the laws and concepts of electrical engineering in order to solve complex problems. …show more content…

A quote from the article “light bulb” . ¨The incandescent light bulb was of course, a remarkable success, and Edison spent the next few years adapting it for large-scale use. He found it necessary, for example, to invent the generating, switching, and transmitting devices needed to supply electricity to a large number of lightbulbs at the same time. Within three years he had solved many of these problems and was operating the world's first power station on Pearl Street in New York City. When the plant began operation on September 4, 1882, it supplied power to four hundred incandescent light bulbs owned by eighty-five customers.” This paved the way for the upcoming electrical engineering inventions and it really helped out many americans by giving them light for their houses and other outlets. I would say this is a milestone because electricity was never once introduced before and it was one of the most memorable things that happened in the U.S. If the light bulb was never invented we would be nowhere close to where we are …show more content…

The term telephone is founded by the greek root tele, which means afar and phone.. The telephone is a specific type of telecommunication that allows people to carry direct conversations over a period of time and at almost any distance. A quote from the article telephone describes how the telephone works. “The articulate speech is transmitted in a form of modulated electric current propagating along conductors or radio waves. The apparatus used for converting the verbal sounds into electromagnetic signals and vice versa is called a telephone set and is also commonly referred to as a telephone.” The telephone has been proven to be a valid way of communications and has been evolving ever since it was created. It has proven to be very valuable in the areas of business, government, science, public health, personal services, or social

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that electrical engineering is a form of science that specializes in the study of electricity, electromagnetism, and electromechanical devices.
  • Opines that the light bulb is a milestone in the field of electrical engineering and has helped many americans go through everyday life.
  • Explains that the telephone is a communication device that sends and receives sound, such as voice messages, and data, across distances.
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