In the Mist of A Storm: The Book of Ruth Essay

In the Mist of A Storm: The Book of Ruth Essay

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This dissertation will explore the book of Ruth and challenge the reader to see Gods glory in the mist of a storm. What storm you might ask? I will explain that in just few paragraphs, but before we look closely at the details of the book will take some time to comprehend the key characters that makeup the book of Ruth. Will also review what I believe to be their purpose for being intricately woven into this great revelation of Gods grace and mercy.
The Characters of the book of Ruth
The protagonist of this story, in my estimation is a woman of great beauty named Ruth. Her name can be translated as, “something worth looking at, a modern day Beyoncé”. She was a hardworking, morally chaste women who displayed a since of safekeeping, which can be lucidly seen early in the book when she chose to stay with Naomi, her mother-in-law during what was presumed to be a hard time ahead of them. Ruth was young and beautiful. It would be safe to say she could have been remarried wherever she went, but somehow decided that whatever was in Naomi was worth following. Another important fact about Ruth is that we come to ascertain that from the gospel of Matthew, Ruth is identified in the genealogy of Jesus Christ as the grandmother of Obed who we know as the grandfather of King David (Matthew 1). Ruth would demonstrate to be a faithful follower of God who she came to know through the life of the next equally important character, that being Naomi.
Naomi’s name means, “pleasant or pleasant to look at”, and she is presented also as the protagonist of the story. She was a descendant from the Bethlehem or it’s more commonly known as City of David. Naomi moved with her husband Elimelech to Moab after a great famine had fell on the land. Elimelech wh...

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