Essay on Impulse Generator and Lightning Characteristics Simulation

Essay on Impulse Generator and Lightning Characteristics Simulation

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Lightning as a phenomenon of electric discharge between the charged particles among the clouds or between the clouds to earth is seen as a natural occurrence in our day to day life. The veracity and wrath of this natures activity also has to be faced by the mankind in form of death, destruction and total power outage. In today’s world it is hard to imagine life without electricity. Also it incurs heavy losses to the power distributors and consumers. The losses amounts from few hundred thousands to millions like how the lightning storm caused power outage in Minnesota that lasted for 19 hours. [1]
It was Franklin in 1744-1750, who first carried out experiments on lightning [2]. From then on significant studies have been made in the past years that paved way to new techniques and products that ensures proper insulation coordination at all the levels of electric power engineering. The electrical systems and apparatus are exposed to danger zone when these lightning come across their insulation. If the strength of the lightning is greater than the insulation strength, a puncture or flashover occurs. If the flashover is struck only in the outside of the insulation, the outage is very short. Longer and expensive outages occur when the internal insulation is punctured. So all the electrical apparatus insulation has to be designed to withstand the lightning voltage before put to commissioning. [2]
Lightning strokes impinging on the electrical overhead lines have very high amplitude, maybe of the order of 1000Kv or more accompanies by travelling waves. The insulation strength of the line limits the wave amplitude. The voltage rise rate is very fast with slow damping rate. The dangerously high voltage levels might badly stress the insulation...

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... timing specifications and characteristics were obtained. The expected waveform plot and timing specifications are calculated. Some switching impulse testings were also done and was so far successful in obtaining the output, but still some inconsistencies play around in the testing phase.
Lessons learnt
The quality time and effort invested for this project has provided in depth understanding of the impulse generator. The potential of Matlab as a simulation tool was used to its fullest all throughout this project.Intially, while undertaking this project, to design and code a GUI was the only objective. But later on, the the focus was turned on to attaining a higher level of accuracy for the results obtained. For that more critical assessment of the mathematical models was done prior to the testing phase.

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