Improving Public Schools Should Improve Schools Essay

Improving Public Schools Should Improve Schools Essay

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Improving public schools
Should children attend a public school? Public schools around the nation are in severe need of improvement. According to Michael Moore writer of "Idiot Nation” and John Taylor Gatto writer of "Against School” imply that public schools are "deeply flawed”. Public schools have decreased in attendance, and also have very minimal education progress that students receive throughout K-12 grade. Schools should improve because students need to have an education in order to better them and the society. Many schools have a low teacher to student ratio, which causes little interaction with students, also insufficient amount of programs leading to deprive learning. This causes schools to have low attendance. Through increased funding by the government public schools will have upgraded classrooms, a higher to student ratio, and extracurricular activities that schools can provide for their students thus causing an improvement to public schools.
If schools renovated classrooms, students will then have a comfortable environment to learn. Larger classrooms with better equipment can improve schools because students wouldn 't be overcrowded. Students need to be relaxed in order for them to learn and this what most public schools don 't have. In Michael Moore’s "Idiot Nation” he states that "Almost 10 percent of U.S. public schools have enrollments that are more than 25 percent greater than capacity of their permanent buildings” (137). Buildings like Moore stated are over filled, but if we do update our public school buildings. In the article "New Construction vs. Renovation for Older School Facilities” suggest "Teachers, students and administrators have the opportunity to create environments, in conjunction with the arch...

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...hrough time if they get enough funds from the government. Extracurricular activities betters school performance and will increase the schools attendance if you offer classes as simple as art, and music.
Public schools around the nation need to be funded more. Through an increase in government funding schools can then hire more teachers for smaller classrooms, renovate building and supplies, and also provide new extracurricular activities so that students can become engaged in school. Public schools are being deprived of education all over the U.S but if individuals come together to demand the government to proliferate school funds then school education and progress will surge the country. The only way this progress will occur is if the citizens of this nation take action to pressure the government. Take action, stand for a cause, student education matter!

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