Improving Job Satisfaction and Productivity Essay

Improving Job Satisfaction and Productivity Essay

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In many organisations, managers and bosses have found it a struggle implementing successful strategies to improve job satisfaction and productivity among its employees. While dealing with unproductive, unmotivated and unsatisfied employees, there is an increased risk for turnover, which can be prevented. The risk of high turnover is a problem to workplaces as turnover has been proven to ‘take its toll’ on productivity as it disrupts current projects and increases workloads for other employees. It also has a negative impact on team cohesion (Patrick and Sonia, 2012). Job satisfaction is one’s general attitude to the job, and higher the job satisfaction, the more likely he/she will hold a positive attitude towards their job (De Menzes, 2011). De Menzes (2011) believes that employees who are satisfied with their jobs are likely to be more committed to their organisation and be more productive. People are significantly more productive when they are content and achieving individual and organisational goals are able to be fulfilled in a work environment where employees feel happy and motivated. Interventions which can be used to improve job satisfaction and productivity to decrease rates of turnover and unmotivated employees include an increase in workplace training, as well as performance pay.

Improving job satisfaction and productivity is an issue which is imperative among all employees and workplaces. There are various issues contributing to the decrease of job satisfaction including conflict, issues with pay, stress and workplace training. Low productivity rates and unsatisfied employees increase the risk for absenteeism and employee turnover. Occupational stress can often occur in the workplace, leading to an increased rate of ab...

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...n organisations of lack of job satisfaction and productivity amongst unmotivated employees, and related the problem to the risk of turnover. Conflict, absenteeism and stress were identified as major causes of loss of job satisfaction and productivity, potentially increasing the the loss of staff. The solution proposed was to implement additional training and performance pay. It was argued that training in the workplace improves an employee’s sense of worth and self-esteem, by increasing their skills and thus contribution to work efforts. This raises productivity, and in addition improves job satisfaction. Performance pay was advocated as a means of developing the organisation to support motivated and capable employees. Self-disciplined workers would receive recognition for output, improving job satisfaction; as well as financial incentive, keeping productivity high.

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