Connection between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance

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Introduction Achievement of a high performance level through productivity and efficiency has always played the first priority of every organizational goal and highly satisfied work force is completely essential for an organization. Satisfied employees lead to extend more effort to job performance, then work harder and better. Hence every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. Employee satisfaction can be determined that employees are happy and pleased with their jobs and working environment. Happier employees tend to more commitment to what they are doing within the organization and it results employee love their role and they are working towards an organizational goals. Connection between employee job satisfaction and job performance Generally, job satisfaction is an attitude towards job. In other words, job satisfaction is an emotional response toward various features of one’s job. A person with a high level of job satisfaction supports positive attitudes towards his or her job, while a person who is dissatisfied with his or her job holds negative attitudes about the job. Job satisfaction is a result of employees’ perception of how well their job provides those things which are viewed as important. Job satisfaction is also defined as reintegration of affect produced by individual’s perception of fulfilment of his needs in relation to his work and the surrounding it. (PUSHPAKUMARI, The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Job Performance, 2008). Job satisfaction can be influenced by an employee’s ability to complete required tasks, the level of communication in an organization, and the way management treats employees. If employees feel satisfied with what they are doing or j... ... middle of paper ... ...+satisfaction Llorente, R. d. (2005). Job satisfaction as an indicator of the quality of work. The Journal of Socio-Economics 34 (2005) 656–673, 656–673. Menezes, L. M. (2012). Job satisfaction and quality management: an empirical analysis. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 32 Iss: 3, pp.308 - 328, 308-328. PETRI BÖCKERMAN AND PEKKA ILMAKUNNAS∗. (2012). THE JOB SATISFACTION- PRODUCTIVITY NEXUS:. ILRReview, 65(2), April 2012. © by Cornell University., 245-247. Podmoroff, D. (n.d.). Mind Tools. Retrieved January 06, 2014, from › Career Skills‎: PUSHPAKUMARI, M. D. (2008). The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Job Performance. An Empirical Analysis, 90. PUSHPAKUMARI, M. D. (2008). The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Job Performance :. An Empirical Analysis, 89.
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