The Importance Of The Lawyer As Someone Above ' Normal ' Or Ordinary People

The Importance Of The Lawyer As Someone Above ' Normal ' Or Ordinary People

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A common theme in the show involves portraying lawyers as individuals who abuse their authority in order to further their own interests. This theme emphasizes the role of the lawyer as someone above ‘normal’ or ordinary people. As the quote in the title suggests, the lawyers in Suits are depicted as a different kind of people who are entitled to act in certain ways. For example, in the first few episodes I analyzed (from seasons one and two) the main character, Mike Ross, was initially taken advantage of by the other lawyers. While watching the later episodes (season 3-5), I can clearly see the progression of Mike as he changes from a relatively ‘normal’ person to a lawyer that takes an active role in abusing his position at the firm. This suggests that Mike is personifying the role of a lawyer and the behavior he is expected to exhibit as being one, almost as if a lawyer is a separate character with its own unique characteristics and traits (Greenfield et al., 2005, p. 412).

In addition, every episode analyzed contained at least one scene where the senior lawyer uses their seniority in the firm as a legitimate reason to threaten the junior associates to complete their work for them. This interplay between power and abuse among the different lawyers is permeated throughout the fictional firm in Suits and serves as one of the main sources of entertainment in the show. The following exchange between Mike Ross and his senior colleague Louis Litt, in which they discuss the landing of a potential client, illustrates this point:
The abuse of power is not only limited to intimidation among lawyers, as they are shown repeatedly coercing and manipulating other people, including judges, government officials, and journalists (Korsch...

... middle of paper ...

...lly (as here) in opposition to the legal system (Bainbridge, 2006, p. 156). Furthermore, any amount of law breaking is presented as justified in light of Harvey’s end result; the end justifies the means for him. As such, although Harvey routinely violate some of the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the criminal justice system, it is depicted as being reasonable as long as there is good outcome (Korsh, 03 May, 2014). Therefore, these images have the effect of placing lawyers in a somewhat ambiguous position in the public imagination. Are laws supposed to followed no matter what or is one’s morals more important as long as it’s for a good cause? (Morris, 2013, p.624) One thing is for the sure though: the portrayal of lawyers in Suits definitely supports the latter opinion, with the main characters departing from the rules of law in the name of a greater justice.

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