The Importance Of Teamwork Within Your Campaign Team Essay

The Importance Of Teamwork Within Your Campaign Team Essay

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Consider the effectiveness of teamwork within your campaign team in planning and staging the event (including the value of your personal contribution).

Teamwork played a vital role in planning and staging the event chiefly through three actions.
Firstly it facilitated creative thinking, which contributed in planning the event. This assignment required a high level of creative thinking process, which was achieved by brainstorming potential topics for the event. The group would note all the strongest and weakest assets of a potential topic, for instance an initial topic for the expo was Blood donation, but on further inspection it was discovered that quiet a few ideas reserved for the expo could not be implemented, such as blood extraction. Although numerous data and facts could be easily found regarding blood donation the team did not feel passionate about the topic. Hence, this led to changing the topic to cooking healthy, easy and affordable meals for students, the group was passionate about this topic and demonstrations such as cooking in front of an audience was achievable.
Secondly, it initiated discipline among team members, which played a significant role staging the event. Each team member was given a specific task to complete in a week’s time. This prompted the members to be disciplined about their time-management skills. For example each member was given a particular task to complete, such as creating a Facebook page. The task was completed in an allocated time and it helped in staging the event accurately, through promoting our page via likes and shares.
Lastly, teamwork developed problem-solving skills of team members, which aided in planning and staging the event.

2. Identify and evaluate the professional skills ...

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...g process within our team was excellent some external problems posed as problems. While printing the merchandise improper formatting of the documents postponed our preparation time. We had to visit the printing place frequently than expected. This was an important learning path for me as it taught me to be more cautions about small details such as formatting of files and the standard size used for printing.

During the event the live cooking demonstration was able to convince the audience cooking can be healthy, easy and cheap and we reinforced the message by providing 10-15 recipes as our merchandise. The audience seemed to enjoy it proving it to be a success. However, our fact sheets and merchandises were not sufficient which was a draw back. This has taught me an important lesson to improve my planning and organizational skills, which is vital for everyday life.

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