The Importance Of Teamwork And State Personal Views Of Team And Teamwork

The Importance Of Teamwork And State Personal Views Of Team And Teamwork

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It is obvious that people live in a big group around the world. This means that it is difficult for individuals to achieve complex goals alone, so people need to work together and use every one’s advantages to complete many tasks. Nowadays, “team” and “teamwork” are two popular words in our society. Especially in business, an effective team could have more successes in the workplace and make more profit for their organization. In order to make an organization successful, managers have to consider some questions about teams and teamwork management. Why do people work together? What benefits or advantages do individuals and organizations have from team and teamwork? The purpose of this essay is to analyze these problems by using knowledge and theories of management. Also, there is a personal example to explain the importance of teamwork and state personal views of team and teamwork.

The first important thing is to know what a team is. According to a textbook, a team is defined as “a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a common goal to which they are committed and for which they hold themselves mutually accountable” (Danny Samson & Richard L Daft, 2015). Obviously, a team must consists of two or more members. The number of team members represent the size of a team, which is one of team characteristics. Team size could influence team effectiveness. There will be discussion about team size at the part of personal experience. It should be noticed that people need to identify the differences between a team and a group, though a team is a group of people. A team is a kind of formal groups.
According to the definition of a team, team members have collective performance goals. The process of ach...

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...o build teams which should be more than three members in each team. So I talked with my roommates who are also my friends and invited them to build a team together. Because we are very familiar with each other and it is convenient for us to have team meetings, it is very easy to build a team. So our team included four members at first. But after deciding our topic of the task, there were two more people got involved in our team. It should be introduced that our task is to make a business plan and set up a virtual company. Our plan was to build a special restaurant. Our ideas were creative, so the other people were attracted to join us. So finally, our group size was six members. There are different types of team. I think our team is a kind of cross-functional teams, which is a project or task force. The reason is that the team was temporary with a specific objective

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