The Importance Of Risk Management And Assessment Essay

The Importance Of Risk Management And Assessment Essay

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Throughout this document, we will discuss the overall importance of risk management and assessment and how these two, seemingly simple aspects of teaching can produce improved outcomes academically and socially for both the students and teachers.

Regardless of the socioeconomically status and overall location, teachers will be faced with students who are at risk in educational setting. This could be due to mental or physical disabilities; a lack of clear instructions; or an overall lack of understanding. To aid teachers in their lesson differentiation and application, The Department of Education have set out a number of documents and policies which will help monitor and evaluate the student’s progress without impeding learning.
Argument for SAER
When a student performs below standard, academically, beginning teachers often try to place blame on behavioural misconduct, rather than assessing the student’s overall performance and identifying any potential behaviours that could be deemed ‘at-risk’. By implementing appropriate educational programs (such as IEP’s, IBP’s and RMP’s), reviewing, monitoring and evaluating consistently, students who are at-risk will be able to reach measurable goals.

By building a support network for the student and catering for the student’s specific needs teachers will be able to extend students both academically and socially. When students improve academically, isolation will diminish, thus creating less anxiety and emotional stress. Social improvement will enable students to work collaboratively and contribute openly in classroom activities.

It is mandatory for all teachers to identify at-risk students and implement strategies to improve academic and social proficiency (Department of ...

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...goals to ensure they are achievable within a set time period
- Build strong relationships with all stakeholders to ensure successful communication and support for the student.

The general consensus around IEP’s, IBP’s and RMP’s are that they are a time consuming requirement of teaching; however, when implemented correctly they are an invaluable part of student learning.

When analysing results from Stone Lodge Academy in the UK, it was found that 7% of students did not achieve their set outcomes (Stone Lodge Academy, 2015). Using these results, teachers would be able to successfully plan for the following year, using the SMART principle (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Using this principle will assist in creating effective programs for students at educational risk, by ensuring individual goals are attainable and relevant to the student.

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