The Importance Of Learning And Learning Strategies Essay

The Importance Of Learning And Learning Strategies Essay

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Metacognition can be defined as knowledge about one’s cognitive states, processes and knowledge and the ability to consciously monitor and adjust these cognitive states, processes and knowledge (Papaleontiou –louca, 2008) that helps improve learning and memory. It is the higher-order of thinking of one’s progress towards achieving a desired goal. Metacognitive thinking are thoughts that helps in decision-making for students and help them practice metacognition. Metacognition is suitable for academic learning for students than other learning strategies because it helps students become an active learner (understanding), promotes problem solving and also helps students to be self-monitored.
Understanding is an essential guide to learning and using metacognition learning strategies, research has shown that the strategies used during reading are directed both to a better understanding and memorising (Cubukcu, 2008) and can also help improve students with good reading skills. As a learner, metacognition means a student is automatically aware of one’s ability to understand and are able to come to an understanding of what they already understand, When a student understands a course note or lecture in-depth, it makes reading easier by understanding the knowledge acquired from course notes or lectures can make the next level or stage of learning easier, which is applying the understanding of course notes or lectures during exam, metacognition facilitates active learning and active learning results in deeper understanding. The student is able to commit a specific amount of time to different lectures notes, able to acquire large amount of knowledge and faster and this will eventually promote good...

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...n and practice more often.
Metacognitive thinking is a permanent skill that is learnt that helps a student to be self-regulated, conscious, analysis and control their mental or intellectual process and this helps a student to keep check of performance.
Not all students are able to use or learn the metacognition strategies, an example of another learning strategy is the “Task-based Learning strategies” this strategy helps a student focus on how to utilize their resources to learning effectively. Using what a student knows and thinking about it to help complete or solve a task.
In conclusion to the above essay, metacognition is still the most preferable learning style/strategy to use or learning for a student, because a student is able to adjust to the different teaching styles of lecturers.

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