The Importance of Family for Ancient Greeks Essay

The Importance of Family for Ancient Greeks Essay

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Family is extremely important to Greeks and is based on social structure (Greece - Cultural Studies). The ancient Greeks believed in many gods and each of the gods signified a certain characteristic in life. Zeus being the main God (Galens and Spampinato). Greek families are very loving and caring for each other. Although, once one member of the family does something dishonorable it puts the whole family to shame. “Greece has the highest tradition-nearly three thousand years of recorded family life and values (Janus).” The most important value of the Greeks is loyalty. Greeks do not really talk about family values, one will either live by them or they will not. On the other hand, the penalty for whether you live by these values or not depends on the community. Greeks will always be there for their own through the good times and through the bad. Family is based on tradition which happens throughout history. The Greek family is influenced from the Byzantine traditions (Michopoulou). Family will always be a critical factor to the Greeks.
Antigone is a Greek tragedy that expresses strong family values, focusing mainly on loyalty. She appeals to the important struggle between customary or family responsibilities (Patterson 1). Antigone is the daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus and also the niece of Creon. Antigone and Creon are both tragic characters who induce shame and meet tragic ends. Creon was named ruler after Antigone’s father fell from power. So Creon raised Oedipus’ children and was only supposed to rule Thebes only until Polyneices and Eteocles could run Thebes together, but after both of their deaths Creon was announced King of Thebes (Galens and Spampinato). Antigone shows her loyalty when Creon will not allow anyone to bury...

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...denies her sister having anything to do with it. Antigone reminds her sister that them being women, it is not their decision on whether things are wrong or right (Galens and Spampinato).
By Antigone killing herself, she disobeys Creon not only in the burial of her brother but by killing herself instead of him executing her. She shows him that he cannot control her and will have her own path to Hades (Johnston 183). Even though Antigone, Ismene, and Creon all feel like they have made the right decision, their choices were catastrophic. Antigone dies, Ismene is left alone forever knowing she did not do anything to help her family, and Creon loses his family and complete power of everything (Galens and Spampinato). The conflict between Antigone and Creon is important because it shows how significant responsibilities are to your family and to the public (Johnston 184).

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