The Importance Of College Staff And Administration Essays

The Importance Of College Staff And Administration Essays

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Do you always get all the classes you wanted and at the right time? Most of the student’s answers would be no, and the reason is that there are not enough classes available at Edmonds Community college for students to take. College staff and administration are trying their best to provide facilities to the student, whether they are an international or a domestic student. However, they might not have noticed that many students get dropped form the classes or the colleges, as they did not get space in class or timing of classes do not suite with their schedule, as they have jobs or other classes at that time. Administrations are the people who take care of the college as well as students, so that students do not face any kind of problems. Most of the time when students come to college, they are so confused that which class to take or which not to take. By the time they decide their class, it is either full or not available. There are fewer classes available for students to take, so the simplest solution to that is to increase the number of the classes for students or give first chance to international and going to graduate student to register first.
Many times it happens that the class which one needs to achieve their goal is not available, which affects ones studies. For example, one of my friends told me that in the last fall quarter, she faced a tough situation. It was her last quarter to complete the Associate in Arts and transfer to University of Washington, Seattle. The class she needed was CS143 which is Computer Science III Java to compete her degree. Unfortunately, the class was not available during that fall quarter. She had to wait for the next two quarter to complete the requirements and get transferred to the University...

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...ill help college to maintain registration easily and effectively. Moreover, it will cut the drop out from the college or the classes as students will get classes of their choice.
To put in a nutshell, I would your concern to be taken about one of the most important problems and often discussed by the college students and some teacher, that there is not enough class to register for students. Many students like me have experienced with this problem and I think that it is important to resolve it, so that students could be pressure free to take their classes. Edmonds Community College should start with more class to the students or give international and graduating student first to register by discussing with the advisor. Students come to the college to complete their studies and get a desire jobs. This could only be done if they get all the class and at the right time.

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