The Importance Of Carrying Out A Risk Assessment And Showing An Outline Of Good Practice

The Importance Of Carrying Out A Risk Assessment And Showing An Outline Of Good Practice

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The purpose of carrying out a risk assessment and showing an outline of good practice is to determine whether the level of risk arising is acceptable. In carrying out risk assessments it is also important to ensure transparency throughout, ensure adequate consideration of human factors and to ensure adequate handling of uncertainty.
The emphasis lies with communication are part of our large social world and helps us to get points in verbally this is initially done by a Veterinary Surgeon and the owner before meeting the animal. This is a necessity especially for a first visit and the relationship and communication between Physiotherapist and Veterinarian is paramount, not only to comply with legislation but to maintain high professional conduct in any procedure the Veterinary Physiotherapist is going to perform (Jones, 1994). As defined by (Rowe, 1997) as a risk which is manageable, social and technical. The uncertainties that are involved in technical risk estimations are mainly recognized as value judgments, whereas social and manageable risks are more readily recognized. A risk is a danger or a hazard, which can be anything that may cause to harm. Before every veterinary practice, own home or environment risks need to be assessed on every entry in order for it to be a safe environment to work in (Hathaway,S.C, 1991). As suggested by MHSWR (1999) risk assessments should be suitable and sufficient. All people involved in a situation should take into consideration the significant risks out of the work activity and their surroundings before any treatment are given. The safety statement should include how health and safety will be managed, hazard specifics to your workplace and risk assessments. As reviewed by the HSA website it do...

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...eported and 20% of those took place in the manufacturing sector. In contrast to their results the review conducted by (Health and Safety Authority 2008) annual statistics showed that 49% were injured or had accidents. This proves that not many people are aware of how important manual handling is and how much it is increasing whereas it should be decreasing. Compliance is an area of health and safety that everyone needs to pay more attention to, e.g. Veterinary Practices should provide aprons, gloves, and specific disposable bins, but are they always used? Do Veterinary Physiotherapists know how to use fire extinguishers in case of emergency? Is their easy access to fire exits and electrical safety appliances? The key is to having good health and safety practices is to develop good culture by understanding what it is, how it works and what is required by legislation.

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