Essay about Importance Of Buying A Used Car

Essay about Importance Of Buying A Used Car

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2. How to Buy a Used Car?
Pankaj Sherchan, Student – Southeastern Louisiana University

Buying a new car can be misleading sometimes. Some of them are expensive while other do not meet the expectations. Thus, buying a used car can be a good option. It not only saves the buyer from unaffordable loans, especially for the college students, but also helps in lowering the monthly insurance payments.

Finding a good deal with so many choices can be challenging task. However, if you plan and research ahead of time, it can be as easy as picking a chocolate out of basket. This way you are prepared for an emergency. There are a lot of amazing deals in the market. All you have to do is to spend time surfing the internet, contacting the dealers about the specific details of the car and comparing them on different websites and many more. You should read the procedures thoroughly so that you can take the full advantage of buying a used car.

1. Set your Budget
The mindset of having a how much car should be set first. Otherwise you will be looking for every possible car in the world and end up with nothing. Don’t let any salesperson persuade you to extend your budget. The most important thing is to never reveal your budget range first, to keep the more negotiating power. If the dealers, salesperson know your budget range first, they will start showing lower-end cars first. What you can do instead is not to reveal your budget range and get a higher quality car in lower price with the negotiation power. The most important of all is to not forget that the budget for buying a used car not only includes the funds for the car, but also money for inception and small repairs. So if your budget estimation is of $10000. You probably should look for a...

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...e. Explain why your price is reasonable. Explain your research on websites like Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book, so that you can support your point.
c. If you and the seller comes with a good price, then you should be good.
9. Get the Paperwork Done
This is the last step of buying a car. Be sure to read all the contract papers before signing if you are buying from a dealer. Some other facilities such as warranty, anti-theft devices, prepaid service plans come with buying the car in many cases. Be sure to check if these facilities are included in the contract or not.
If you are buying from an individual owner, make sure the seller properly transfers the title (also called pink slip). The laws of selling and buying a car differs from state to state. So it is always better to visit the local motor vehicles office and have all the required documents signed.

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