Essay on The Importance Of Attending Church On The World

Essay on The Importance Of Attending Church On The World

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February third, 1998 was a humid, calm type of day, at least that is what my mom says. I entered this world at 6:02pm and saw the most beautiful woman in the world, that would later help guide, support, and care for me. I then saw this man that would later always make me laugh, help me with problems, and be my best friend. When I was one year old, I was baptized in the Catholic Church and continued to attend the same church as I grew up. For elementary school, I attended a public school where I was bullied for having big ears. I would have to say those years were low points in my life because I got to the point where I tried to cut my ears off due to the amount of laughter that was directed towards me.
Since I was little, I have always had this close relationship with God. My parents helped me continue learning about God and take me to church every Sunday night to help emulate the importance of attending church on a weekly basis. Ever since I’ve been a child, I’ve been involved with as much as possible. Some activities that I was involved in as a child were: Dance, Church Choir, Band, ASB leadership, Baseball, Soccer, Catechism, and Boy Scouts. My parents really enjoyed having me involved in as much as possible so that I could learn to manage my time at a young age and stay out of trouble. I grew up with a lot of stress and a small social life. After my experience with the public school system in my city my parents decided to put me in a Christian School in a city 45 minutes away. At first, it was very difficult because the school bus would take about 40-45 minutes to get school and to get home. There was not one day that I did not arrive home with a headache that made my head feel like it was filled with 100 pounds of cement. D...

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...would be attending. Azusa was number four on my list of schools I wanted to go to. Everyday back home to my way to work, I would pass a APU billboard and that it was a coincidence. It obviously was God trying to give me a sign that APU was the school that I would attend. When I found out who schools I got accepted to, I had to make a decision to which school I would choose to receive a higher education and if I wanted to continue enriching my faith at that school. I ended up choosing APU and I do not regret my decision at all. I do get homesick once in a while, but it is normal because it is the first time I have really been separated form my family. I thank God for opening all of the right doors to get me to APU. I cannot wait to see all of the other amazing door God will open for me here. “I can do All things through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13.

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