Implementing Affirmative Action For Children And People With Disabilities Get Jobs

Implementing Affirmative Action For Children And People With Disabilities Get Jobs

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As a result of apartheid, South African’s are still living in the aftermath effects. These people are living in extreme poverty with insufficient educational opportunities and little chance to overcome their current circumstances. To attempt to remedy their situation and improve the lives of these people, we recommend a four step plan to improving their livelihoods. The first step would be to implement affirmative action for these people. Currently, the South African government has implemented the Employment Equality Act, which aims to help blacks, women and people with disabilities get jobs. In addition to increasing the opportunities for this sector of people, it would be greatly beneficial to afford them a higher rate of acceptance for the opportunity to go to school and or learn a trade that would lead to them gaining a stable job. By increasing the education that these people could receive, they would be able to go to Universities or other institutions that would allow them to bring back that knowledge and increase the job opportunities that are around. For example, if a black person was able to go to university to become a doctor, they would now be able to, not only come back and be a doctor for those in need, but also teach others and spread the knowledge so that others may have similar opportunities to advance their careers and livelihoods. In an attempt to increase these educational opportunities, South Africa has invested approximately 7% or their GPD into their education.
The second step would be to take this 7% GDP investment and increase it dramatically. Currently, South Africa is still ranked at the bottom of all states for their testing scores.41 This can be explained by the decades long gap that occurred for bla...

... middle of paper ...

...n of wealth, the spending power of the lower class would drastically improve and so would the quality of life of these people.44
In conclusion, by addressing all four of our points, we would see a domino effect on the lives of blacks in South Africa. By implementing affirmative action more people of this group would be able to get jobs. By affording more people the opportunity to provide for their families, we would see an increase in economic spending. With this increase in economic spending, there would be more money to allocate to educational opportunities. With more educational opportunities, these people would be able to gain more knowledge about things such as medical advances in the world today. All in all, this plan would greatly increase the livelihoods and basic human rights of these people who were so horridly strip of them during the apartheid era.

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