Impact Of Technology On Accounting Information System Essay

Impact Of Technology On Accounting Information System Essay

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Modern information system is now popular all over the world, it also change the accounting area. Instead of the old manual analysis, many companies making effort in developing a fitted accounting information system for themselves, as they realize the advantages that the new technology brings in - more efficient and accurate in processing, integrated data, detailed record etc. However, even though there are so many benefits, the functional system also brings challenges, making new requirements to the accountants and auditors. This paper will discuss the impact of technology to the accounting information system, as well as the necessary capability ethics that the accountants should learn in this 21th century.

The technological impact on the accounting information system
Firstly, the function of accounting information system is improving. The main function of AIS is to provide information derived from the financial transactions. The daily paper record, receipts and invoice, the electronic copies, any kinds of documents could be the source of the financial transaction. The piecemeal data is hard to trace and follow. The traditional accounting information system solves this problem. It collects the information, sorting and processing, making a record and then providing it to the users who are interested in it. However, with the development of technology, the function is being improved. Under the network environment, the accounting information system trends to base on internet to realize the financial information processed electronically and automatically. The emerging functions, such as cloud computing, shadow data, giving convenience to the users via mobile devices. The non-network AIS is no longer meeting the new requir...

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...tants, putting forward the new demand for the professionals who use the accounting information system. As a result, two capabilities are recognized to be essential for the professionals. One is the competency, it lists out a pattern of knowledge used in the job as well as be aware of the link between information systems and decision-making. On the other hand is the ability of analyzing and diagnosing, which is good at problem solving. Another challenge is about ethical issue, requiring integrity and confidentiality as a professional quality of an accountant. To conclude, the accounting information system integrating the information, analyzing and supporting decision-making will become more important in the forming of a company’s strategy. Understanding the structure of accounting information system would lead to a competitive advantage over competitors in the future.

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