The Impact Of Privacy On Patient Privacy Essay

The Impact Of Privacy On Patient Privacy Essay

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Breaches on patient privacy is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country today (ITRC, 2015). Lack of security controls and administrative policies and procedures among healthcare providers are the basis for this growth. Many of these patients have no idea that their information has been compromised. Although the government continues to enforce fines and penalties, this has done little to reduce the number of breaches.
The problem consists due to of the lack of security controls, monitoring and protection of patient information could lead to a breach of patient information. This problem statement focuses on the continued of growth patient privacy breaches. Also, the correlation between the development of electronic capabilities and its impact on patient, the internet today has provided access to all types of data (Effective Internet Search, 2011).
The purpose of this study is to better understand the impact of privacy breaches on patients. This study will explore the extent and damages the average patient encounters when their privacy has been breached. It will also explore the responsibility of the healthcare provider as well as the effect of government enforcement (HITECH, n.d.). Research has shown that many healthcare providers are reluctant to make the necessary investment into their organizations to protect the patient’s information. Although there are many approaches to research study methodologies, the quantitative research method was used for this study. The quantitative research method follows the principle where the collection of relative data and measurements are analyzed and results are developed (Sun et al., 2014). Utilizing the quantitative approach would allow the use of data tha...

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...s and include business, educational, financial, government, and healthcare. The largest number of breaches that occurred in 2014 was in the healthcare industry. The breakdown is as follows; healthcare 42.5%, business 33%, government 11.7% education 7.3%, and financial 5.5% (Identity Theft Center, 2015).
In conclusion, this study does support the fact that there are a higher number of privacy breaches that occur in healthcare compared to other industries. In addition, the results also provide insight that more healthcare breaches occur in hospitals versus provider offices, insurance companies, home health agencies, public health entities, and vendor operations. Moreover, the findings conclude that additional research will need to be conducted to determine reasoning behind these results. Further investigation and research would be beneficial in this area.

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