Essay on The Impact Of Music On The World Of Sampling

Essay on The Impact Of Music On The World Of Sampling

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Music has witnessed huge transformations in regards to corporate consolidation and diversification in the past century. Two prominent moments of this are evident in the technological innovation of music formats and the legal proceeding that dictated how musical appropriation could be used in the world of sampling. Over the past few decades, consumers have witnessed the digitalization of music. CD’s are quickly disappearing as music becomes instantly accessible with the touch of a finger.
Technological advancements in society have had a major effect on the ways in which music is produced and consumed. Legal proceedings in the nineties and early millennium have attempted to find ways to keep the money flowing as innovators have opened the doors to digital downloading. While many artists support the record industry’s battle against illegal downloading and copyright infringement, the recording artists faced disagreements in the world of sampling. Lawsuits involving sampling have completely transformed how past songs are used and who has access to those materials. The eighties witnessed the emergence of musical artists appropriating sounds from older musical compositions and incorporated those sounds into new songs.
The drastic changes in the ways in which people consume music have had major affects on the music industry. Over the last couple decades, consumers have witnessed the digitalization of music. It all began in the late nineties thanks to a file sharing company named Napster. Capitalism allowed for other copycat fire sharing companies to take over. What these other file sharing companies had over Napster was that instead of sharing music through a computer server, competing companies used a peer-to-peer file sharing meth...

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...ncrete forms of music and the expansion of digitalization. Streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, and now Tidal, continue to grow and iTunes remains the largest music retailer in the world. Issues have risen over the question of if modern music has lost its authenticity. The reality of our era is that everything is essentially a remix. Whether an artist is paying homage to a past genre or transforming a lyrical message, sampling puts music on a trajectory that will continue to bring life to older music in new forms. The reality of music is that it is interexchange. Musicians will continue to be influenced by artists of genres different than their own. Nothing in this digital age is completely original but sampling is a form of innovation in itself and will continue to allow for artist to foster creativity through appropriation, even if it is at a hefty cost.

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