Impact of Beauty in the Media on Young Women Essay

Impact of Beauty in the Media on Young Women Essay

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Advertisments surround us on a daily basis. Constantly bombarding our conscious and subconscious minds with consumer items and suggestive material. But how much of that impacts the mind of young adults? More specifically how does the constant incursion of beauty advertisements impact young women? Media, any form of mass communication- is one of the biggest factors in this widespread problem. Through the use of media, ideas, images, expectations of perfection is broadcasted throughout the country and on most occasions throughout the world. The portrayal of beauty in the media has contributed to a variety of psychological problems such as: misinterpretation of beauty, early exploration of sexuality and lowered sense of self worth which later leads to eating disorders.
Technology is growing at an alarming exponential rate. With new technology comes new ways to manipulate a photo to make the ideal woman. The use of photoshop and other photo manipulation software creates an impossible body type that girls aspire for. A body type that mirrors a skeletal mannequin in a department store draped with the new seasons trending clothes designs. A body type that women die for. But what we really see in magazines, plastered all over giant billboards and strewn across our television sets is nothing more than a well produced lie. We now live in a world in which we don’t even have to take a step outside in order to be judged we can do that with a little device that the majority of us carry in our pockets; our smartphones. Apps designed to rate a person's beauty such as “hot or not”, social media sites that constantly berate a person’s appearance, and a giant advertisement industry that wants the latest beauty product in your home in ...

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