Immigration Laws in Alabama Essay

Immigration Laws in Alabama Essay

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America is often considered as “The Land of Diversity". Somehow Alabama's Immigration laws are stricter than many other states as far as who qualifies to live, work and raise a family here, in the state of Alabama. The immigration laws and statutes across the United States should combine policies and have the same clauses and articles to have one immigration policy to cover all the states. Immigration bring many types of awareness into a society; improvements in the education system, a healthy social and cultural lifestyle, and increase the economy when we embrace the differences.
Over the past hundred years, people migrate to the United States from their home country to improve their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their families. Immigrants move to the United States to have the freedom that they did not have in their home country. Immigrants bring pioneering skills, knowledge, and a vast array of techniques to learn and teach new things. An article in the Education Weekly expresses the future of immigrant clearly saying “their success is the key to our community's success” (Maxwell). The younger generations, whether immigrant or natives will eventually be the leaders of the future, so why not teach them to be successful? The lack of consideration that we have for the immigrants is shameful. The board of education and the respective communities in Alabama's counties can start an integrated program as did the Springdale district, Arkansas (Maxwell). These types of programs are tailored to assist not only foreigners but also natives who have a difficult time to help themselves. The program helps to build the basic foundation to guide parents as well as the students to understand what is expected of them. Alabama's top leaders need t...

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...s to our education organizations, stimulate economy growth, and a collective way of life in our culture to improve and complete America as the greatest nation that we are.

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