The Immersive Ride At The Mountain Park Essay

The Immersive Ride At The Mountain Park Essay

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their way up a gradual slope, signs give warnings such as “Beware The Drop” and “Turn Back Now.” Too late to back out, passengers find themselves face to face with a steep drop that ends in the dark base of the mountain. The log flume plummets with accelerating speed into the darkness below. Spalsh! Water drenches anyone on board, and the ride comes to a close.
Even though water rides can yield a fun and refreshing experience on hot days, a contrasting effect can be found on cold days. Very little fun is found from being drenched with freezing cold water on a forty-five degree day. Also, some park-goers rule out water rides completely because of dislike for being wet. Either way, some days are better than others for riding water attractions.

The Immersive Ride

As close to real-life as any attraction can be, immersive rides create a picturesque atmosphere that entices park-goers of all ages. Four-dimensional effects are some of the main aspects used in immersive rides. These aspects help to re-create an experience that makes passengers feel as if they were actually there. Intensity can vary greatly among immersive rides, but almost all immersive rides have a respectable level of entertainment.
Soarin’, another ride at Epcot Park, is at the forefront of immersive rides. This ride gives passengers a very real feeling of flying. Rows of seats attached to a movable frame adjust to scenes of a video displayed on a large, curved screen. Air blows through the large room, re-creating the unmistakable sensation of wind. Gliding and swooping motions are created through the movement of the frame, giving the full effect of flying.
Immersive attractions leave a profound impression on riders through simulating adventures that park-goers wo...

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...ese rides are prime examples of their respective category. The Space Shot, for instance, could not be labeled as an Educational or Water Ride. The same idea can be proven when the examples are compared to other categories. Each example fulfills the characteristics of its designated label.
One fact can be compared among all theme park rides, and that is their goal. Amusement park rides are meant to bring entertainment and enrichment to park visitors. This became the most important concept that first appeared to me while I explored rides at Walt Disney World. Comparing positive and negative attributes does not change a ride’s purpose. Whether the desire of the park-goer is to learn about history or to ride along a track of twists and turns, the objective of all rides is similar. That objective is to leave a lasting impression on people of all ages and walks of life.

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