Essay on The Image Of A Witch

Essay on The Image Of A Witch

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Witches have been talked about for centuries, and have been a popular genre in books, television, and movies for decades. Each witch in every book, TV show, or movie seems to have a same image to her. This image can be traced back to Circe, an ancient Greek witch and is said to be one of Greek’s oldest witches. Circe is seen in Homer’s Odyssey and is know to turn humans into pigs, along with her ability to do magic she is known for her beauty and voice. The image of Circe can still be seen in today’s idea of a witch, from the looks to what they are capable of doing.
When thinking about witches there are typically two different images of them. One is an old and hideous women, someone with warts, long pointy nose, and wrinkly. The other is a younger beautiful woman, typically long hair and an ideal body. Circe is depicted to be the second of the images, she is said to have beautiful hair and “endowed with speech.” (Ogden 94) Circe inspires how some witches are depicted in today’s culture. Take for example the third season, Coven, of American Horror Story; the season is focused on a coven of witches that originate from Salem. In Coven the characters of witches are depicted as young beautiful woman, they are not elderly females.
Keeping on the same idea of image, Circe was typically shown with her hair down. This is because it symbolizes her letting her magic lose and shows power. This idea of witches having their hair down can be seen in today’s culture in Harry Potter Hermione Granger. Hermione is often shown with her long hair down when doing magic in the books and movies. It can also be seen in American Horror Story: Coven, Myrtle Snow is shown with wild red hair. Which is fitting because Myrtle is one of the more powerful wi...

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... the Harry Potter series, not only do witches use wands but wizards do too. It is also seen in The Wizard of Oz, while the Wicked Witch of the West does not have a wand, Glenda the Good Witch can be seen to carry a wand. Wands have become an essential part of being able to perform magic and the origin of it could be traced back to Circe.
The image of Circe is still prominent in the idea of a witch today. From books to movies and TV shows, Circe has left her mark on pop culture. From the way that people view witches to what people think witches are capable of doing. It’s interesting to think that something from so long ago has had such a big impact on today’s pop culture. The genre of witches doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, and with new books and movies coming out about witches it wouldn’t be a surprise if Circe has influenced how these witches look and act.

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