The Ideal Classic Novel Of The Novel ' Sparks ' Essay

The Ideal Classic Novel Of The Novel ' Sparks ' Essay

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In today’s society, high schools around the country are given a required reading list of the books they 're going to be reading and trying to analyze and understand. These books tend to be dubbed as classics, however even though society is told they 're classics, there is a significant difference between them. Those differences being how those books are being perceived as either being ideal and real. This gives an insight on how the book impacts a reader and why society considers these novels to be classic.
To understand this, the definition need to to be understood for is ideal and real in this form of context. With ideal classics, the novels that truly fall in this category are novels that deal with the issues of that time, the ideal classic novel sparks a reaction in its audience and ultimately creates a change in either the reader or society itself. The ideal classic novel deals with tremendous issues such as politics, civil rights, global relations, and human rights. These are not even all the impacting issues that the discuss, because and ideal classic novel does not have the sole purpose to entertain its audience but to create a lasting impression on them that touches them and withstands time. Overall, an ideal classic novel catalyzes a change in the reader by portraying the issues that society faces, all while having a lasting power on the hearts of society.
On the other hand, real classic, brings a more entertaining and popularity to it, in other words, it is essentially what people think classic novels are to be. Real classic novels involves its popularity and the reputation it receives. The perceptive on real classic novels evolves from what others have said about it, creating a reputation for...

... middle of paper ...

...old you so in the seventh grade.
Classic literature is a genre. The novels fitting into such a distinguished group play a large role in the world of literature and can be found all around us. They weave into the curriculum of students of all ages, the movie industry, comic strips, allusions, and television series. Without a doubt, classic literature, both as a genre and as a feature of culture, is a relevant topic to discuss. What makes people recognize a work as a classic is one of many social traditions. And ultimately, a classic novel is a product of culture and circumstance, and so long as it contains a worthy message, it is worthy of the term. Unfortunately, society does not always recognize or appreciate the impact of the product or its message. Unfortunately, the increasing disparity between the ideal perspective and the real perspective continues to exist.

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