The Idea Of Enlightenment And The Feeling Of Liberation Seem Unattainable Most Of The Time

The Idea Of Enlightenment And The Feeling Of Liberation Seem Unattainable Most Of The Time

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The idea of enlightenment and the feeling of liberation seem unattainable most of the time. However, once you discover a gateway, such as literature or meditation, it becomes easier to reach your goals of becoming open-minded. Azar Nafisi’s “Selection from Reading Lolita in Tehran” describes the struggles she and her students face and how they use literature to escape from their atrocious life. Similarly, “Wisdom” by Robert Thurman explores the idea of reaching a nirvana-like state where people become aware of their surroundings and the nature of themselves. Nafisi and Thurman state that once people have attained the knowledge to reach an utopian, nirvana like state and have unmasked themselves from a pseudo-self mask put on for society, they must share their knowledge with others. Both Nafisi and Thurman propose that in order to act out selflessly and become an honest, true self, an individual needs bravery and courage to escape from their comfort zone and reach a state of compassion.
By being selfless and compassionate, an individual can reach enlightenment and liberation. While describing her situation as a teacher in the Islamic Republic, Nafisi stated, “always, the joy of teaching was marred by diversions and considerations forced on us by the regime…. This class was the color of my dreams. It entailed an active withdrawal from a reality that had turned hostile” (284- 285). The Islamic Republic forced the educators to follow strict rules which stopped them from using their own teaching methods. Nafisi yearned to teach western literature to her students and once she created her own literature class, she was able to do so. She was liberated from the strict regime when she opened up her literature class. She become aware of th...

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...the ability to appreciate the ideals of literature or meditation and could not share their knowledge with others.
When people are compassionate and selfless, they feel liberated and become their true self. However, in order to do escape their comfort zones, they must possess courage and bravery. In their essays, Nafisi and Thurman illustrate the pathway of creating a dreamlike world for themselves. While Nafisi chose literature as a means of feeling liberated, Thurman used meditation as a gateway to nirvana. Even though there were things holding them back, such as the society, Nafisi and Thurman escaped from those obstacles and found freedom.Once they became open-minded, they chose to share their knowledge with others. Everything in this world is interconnected, so becoming enlightened involves appreciating other cultures and sharing intelligence with other people.

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