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Ibanez is one of the most well-known guitar companies in the world. The Hoshino Company began as a sheet music store and later evolved into a music product company out of Nagoya, Japan (Ibanez). The company Hoshino started to distribute a Spanish guitar named Ibanez. About forty years after that the company opened up and bought a store in Philadelphia, which is now their headquarters. These guitars were made famous by the lead guitarist of KISS. The first production guitars are still out there, and are a very big and highly valuable collection item. Ibanez guitars are definitely one of the most high quality made guitars to ever own because of the universal use they have with music.
“Salvador Ibanez, a luthier active in Valencia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He had a shop in Baja San Francisco then moved it to Padre Rico. He was a man of determination who started with a small workshop slowly built his business. His two sons took over the business in 1920 after his death” (Zavaleta Guitarras). Hoshino started to import these guitars from Spain when Salvador’s shop was demolished in the Spanish Civil War. Hishino bought the name rights “Ibanez Salvador” and started to make acoustic guitars in 1935. The name later went to Ibanez and stuck .
During 1950-1960 Ibanez guitars came out with some wicked designs. These designs were a mimic of European guitars and were also similar to Hagstrom and EKO designs. These designs are the beginning of a guitar company that will be known forever. Also these models have given the Ibanez team a view and a dream for other guitars they will design in the future .
After being sued for copying guitar styles from other companies Ibanez began coming out with their own style...

... middle of paper ...

... Series. These guitar models have one of the most unbelievable sounds you will ever hear in music. They are the needle in the haystack. Having the experience with Ibanez guitars they are definitely one of the highest quality made guitars on the face of the earth because of the universal use they have in music. Ibanez is the guitarist for beginners, intermediate and famous guitar players.

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