I Work At An Italian Restaurant Essay examples

I Work At An Italian Restaurant Essay examples

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I work at an Italian restaurant called Vic & Angelo’s. There is so many things I dislike about that place; more than I can count on my ten ashy dark fingers. The restaurant has gone downhill since I was hired there a year ago. My coworkers would most likely agree with me especially the ones that have worked there longer than me. I can go on all day on why I hate my job, but the top reasons I really hate working there because of how noisy it is, the smelly areas, and the unfairness to my fellow employees.
Firstly, I hate my job because they are really unfair with everything; servers and bartenders always get special treatment. Servers and bartenders get to do whatever they want whenever they want; they get to sit down and talk to friends that comes to visit without a word being said to them by a manager. One of the server’s friends came in to visit her, and she went to the bar and sat with her friend. She also had a few drinks without a word being said to her about drinking on the job. She took two shots and had three glasses of red wine within a half an hour, then she continued working as if it all never happened. Another unfair thing about Vic and Angelo’s is the consequences; servers and bartenders rarely get in trouble compared to the busboys and food runners who get in trouble for the dumbest things and get treated like crap. When the restaurant isn’t busy everybody stands around, and converse with one another but some way, somehow the busboys and food runners always get in trouble for talking instead of doing something “productive” to prepare the restaurant for the upcoming rush. The servers sit down and eat while they talk to each other before the rush, and a word is never said to them, but the busboys and food runners manag...

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...bartenders, Chris flirts with the hostesses when he walks past the hostess stand from the outside bar to the inside bar; He does this at least five times a night. If only he knew that most of the hostesses are under the age of 18.
In conclusion, these are the reasons I hate my job, Vic and Angelo’s. Firstly, because of how smelly certain areas are, from the horrible smelling bathrooms to the clammy smelling kitchen. Secondly, because how unfair it is for employees, and how some employees get the special treatment, especially when it comes down to consequences. Lastly, because of how noisy it can get from the badly behaved kids, to the ranting drunks that come in on a daily. As I said before, the restaurant has gone downhill and I hate it even more as the weeks go by. I do not just speak for myself, but I speak for everybody who currently works at Vic and Angelo’s.

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