I Watch A Very Interesting Video Called Through Dead Eyes Essay

I Watch A Very Interesting Video Called Through Dead Eyes Essay

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Today I watch a very interesting video called Through Dead Eyes. This video was about how Deaf culture has changed in a positive manor throughout the years. It highlights special moments in Deaf culture such as attempting to teach Deaf student’s spoken language, how Deaf people are no longer discriminated in our culture, and how technology has impacted the learning ability of dead people. I really enjoyed this documentary and learned a lot of new things about Deaf Culture.
Watching this film has made me realize that Deaf Culture has come a very long way. In 1800’s, Deaf people were very misunderstood and were often seen as strange or mentally retarded (ASL IVC). People thought this way because it was something different than what they were normally used to. In order to communicate with these people, a visual language was constructed and it is now known as American Sign Language. Even though this language was very beneficial to Deaf people, there were rebels who were against American Sign Language. During the 1800s, Oral language schools were opened up, and American Sign Language was forbidden from being used (ASL IVC). Banning American Sign Language and trying to teach Deaf people oral language is so fucking absurd. These people were attempting to conform Deaf people into learning a spoken language that requires one to be hearing to comprehend it. These individuals were forcing Deaf people to learn a language that is impossible to comprehend without being able to hear. Why would people want to teach a Deaf people a language that requires them to hear? This sort of ignorance is gone now and it’s a thing of the past.
As of today, Deaf people are better understood and are not considered strange or mentally retarded. They are known ...

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...ad it until I watched this video and made Deaf friends. I am very happy that Deaf people are no longer seen as strange or inferior to hearing people. I am also very happy that technology hearing aids and close captioning, is helping and improving Deaf people’s way of life.
In conclusion, I really did enjoy Through Deaf Eyes. It made me understand the sort of frustrating situations a deaf person encounters on a daily basis, how deaf culture has evolved in a positive manor and how deaf people are normal people like you and i. Furthermore, it made me appreciate my own life by admiring simple but yet smoothing sounds of life. American Sign Language is a very amusing and entertaining language. I plan to furthermore expand my knowledge in this particular topic and I also plan to become fluent in American Sign Language. I love signing and plan on becoming an amazing signer.

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