I Hope You Come Back And Learn From Your Mistakes Essay

I Hope You Come Back And Learn From Your Mistakes Essay

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“I hope you come back and learn from your mistakes. Come back a man; tell your story to these black and brown kids in Compton. Let’em know you was just like them, but you still rose from a dark place of violence, becoming a positive person” (Kendrick Lamar). The most important question someone can ask, what is the meaning of life? This quote illustrates his meaning of life, however no one truly knows the answer. Philosophers, Priests and every person in the world have their own opinion. We as people have to realize everyone answer will be different. Although, if presented in the correct way, than anybody’s opinion can be correct. Therefore, this piece will argue my answer to the meaning of life. It will start with background information, next showing a common ground with other theories. Then focusing on opposing views, and lastly states my supporting details. The meaning of life is to have a career that teaches lessons to a younger generation.

There are a few terms that need clarification before moving forward into the paper. To begin, the term “career” has multiple meanings. “When my mother took her turn to sit in a gown at her graduation, she thought she only had two career options: nursing and teaching. She raised me and my sister to believe that we could do anything, and we believed her” (Sheryl Sandberg). When discussing careers, it usually refers to having employment or someone’s everyday job. A career is special and it takes a lifetime to settle into. This piece will discuss the different aspects of careers, which are being a parent and teacher. Being a parent is a full time job, and one doesn’t receive payment for being a parent, but it still has its rewards like any other job. A parent’s role deals with the child’s moral...

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...makes my theory so significant compared to others. My meaning of life is meant for a single person, but it can help everyone.

The meaning of life is to have a career that teaches lessons to a younger generation. This piece has proven why my theory is correct, and I know there can be many more. I want the reader to take a few gems out of this paper. First, the younger generation is our future and we should cherish them. Next, we have put them on a better path in this world, and that relies on the parents and teachers. Lastly, this theory is meant to make a make a better world for everyone. While many others have their view on the meaning of life, this mine and I stand by it. “Everything will eventually come to an end, so try to savor the moment, cause time flies, don’t it? The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better, Cause nothin’ lasts forever” (Nas).

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