Essay on I Chose This Speaker 's Speech

Essay on I Chose This Speaker 's Speech

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Former Admiral William H. McRaven served in the Navy for many years. He gave a commencement speech to the class of 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin. I chose this speaker because his speech is very motivational. The purpose of the speech is to teach people that anybody can change the world; he gives them 10 suggestions on how they can change the world. Although his speech is not perfect, he does a great job at communicating what was intended.
The type of communication McRaven uses is public communication because he is speaking to an audience. The model of communication is linear because McRaven is sending the message, and the audience is receiving it. McRaven encounters environmental noise from the audience throughout his speech. However, he handles this by pausing for a second or two until the audience finishes applauding, and then he resumes his speech. There is also environmental noise coming from the speaker as he licks/smacks his lips frequently. His speech also has semantic noise. McRaven uses a few terms like “calisthenics”, which are terms the audience may not be fam...

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