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I Believe There is Only One God Essay

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I would like to begin this paper with saying that I emphatically believe that there is only one God. I do not believe for the health of ones spiritual life that entertaining the thought or existence of multiple deities is an intelligent decision. Those that believe in multiplicity of Gods can be found in many different religions including but not limited to Christianity. I grew up being taught these false teachings about who God was and how he operated in the lives of his followers.

There is a misconception among many Pentecostals about what most 'Trinitarians' in the twenty-first century believe. Understand when I say this, I am not condoning their beliefs or teachings in any way, shape, form or fashion. I am simply trying to shine a light on the teachings that were taught unto me so that I can give a better understanding as to why I believe there is only One God and not a duplicity or triune God.

Many believe that all trinitarians still believe that there are three separate co-equal gods acting together in unity to make up a trinity in the Godhead. This was for the most part what was formulated at the council of Nicaea and was the first trinity. However today as the Oneness Pentecostal Movement has grown, the reality of the scriptures can not be denied and the trinitarians as whole have had to reword their definition of the trinity, even the Catholic church hierarchy. What I was taught as a young child was that God is one God. There is only one God and there is no other god beside Him. The One true God manifest himself in the form of three persons in a unified Godhead. God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit which are all three one and the same spirit. Now while I knew nothing of the Godhead or who God real...

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...ey would quote the first line. So Jesus quoting what he did would be like us saying Psalm 22:1-31. If you read the entire Psalm is starts out as a Psalm of suffering but around verse 22 it turns into a Psalm of rejoicing and praise. When we know this we can realize he wasn't asking “himself” why He was being forsaken on a cross but he was lifting up praise for the work and prophesies that were being fulfilled right there on that very cross.

This is only a short abbreviated reason as to why I believe there is only one God. There is to much in the Word to ever convince me otherwise but with a little study and an open mind and an open heart I believe that the revelation of One God that was revealed to me can be revealed to any soul that is thirsty for more of God.

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