I Am His Godfather, After All Essay

I Am His Godfather, After All Essay

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Harry broke into a fresh round of sobbing, distracting her from her thoughts. Sirius reached for him with a sad smile. "Suppose it 's my job to care for him now. I 'm his godfather, after all. I just wish… well, don 't worry, Hagrid. He 'll want for nothing as long as he 's with me."

"Erm." Hagrid paused, shifting uncomfortably. "Have no doubt yeh 'd do right by 'im. No question of that. But Dumbledore… he 's wantin ' me to take little Harry to his aunt and uncle. Arrangements already been made."

Sirius dropped his hands, seeming relieved as the baby continued to wail. Lily couldn 't fault him for it. As much as he loved Harry, he probably didn 't have the faintest clue how to care for a child.

Still, he 'd be much better than Petunia and Vernon. Forgetting herself, she opened her mouth to say so, then clapped it shut again when her words emerged as a tiny squeak.

"There a mouse in here?"

"Does it matter? This place is no longer fit to live in, even if someone could stomach it after… "

Hagrid turned toward the door, then hesitated. "Sure yer all right?"

Sirius gave him a stiff nod. "Don 't worry about me. I 'll be fine."

"Right. Best be goin ' then. They 'll be expectin ' us."

"How are you getting there?"

"I… ah, I hadn 't thought of that."

"Take my bike."

Hagrid shook his head, though his eyes gleamed at the prospect.

"Take it," Sirius repeated more firmly. "I won 't be needing it where I 'm going."

The men shared a final embrace, but Lily was no longer paying attention. Horrified by the thought of being separated from her son, she glanced around frantically in search of a way to accompany them. Clinging to the top of Hagrid 's boot wouldn 't be feasible. She 'd never have the strength to hold on while soaring thr...

... middle of paper ...

...had been too much to hope for.

But leaving him with Petunia? Why had Dumbledore decided this was the best course of action?

On one hand, it made sense. The guardianship of an orphaned child often passed to the closest blood relative. But didn 't Dumbledore realize he was leaving Harry with strangers who had no ties to the magical world? Did he know about her relationship with Petunia… the bitter jealousy, the fact that they 'd hardly spoken in years?

But there was no time to speculate further, nor was there anything she could do to change his mind. This was happening whether she liked it or not, and she needed to act quickly. Scrambling out of Hagrid 's pocket, she slipped into the basket with Harry, then burrowed beneath the blankets. A reckless move, perhaps, but the others were too busy discussing some nonsense about impending celebrations to take any notice.

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