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I Am Gon Na Miss Essay

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The door closed slowly behind her with a discernible click. The shadows were long as she quietly crept down the hallway on the plush cream rug, her shoes sinking into the cottony softness. “God I’m gonna miss this” she thought to herself as she let out a soft sigh. The light from the lamp beside the couch in the living room let in just a small amount of light to guide her way. No tv blaring. Not home yet she thought with a tinge of annoyance. She glanced up at the clock on the wall, “on time as always” she said with a slight tinge of sarcasm. She let her leather bag fall to the floor at the edge of the table and began to untie her long silver coat. Stopping to look in the mirror she reached up a finger to adjust a bit of lipstick that had gone astray and blowing herself a kiss with a smile muttered “Girl, you have still got it” and gave a wink to the reflection. Her coat opened to show a hint of the gauzy lace below. “Have I got a surprise for you when you finally show up” she said as she turned to move into the room.

“Jesus Christ”, she said as she saw him sitting there with a smile. “I didn’t think you were home yet”.

She ran her hand through her long chestnut hair and looked at him with a bit of embarrassment knowing he had just seen her ego in action while she had admired herself in the mirror. He was wearing those jeans that she loved, the ones he had worn when they had first met. Those were the days, she thought to herself. Back when there was passion, back when there had been a love that burned like fire. Yeah, those days now long gone she thought. He sat there just silently watching her. His hand slowly caressing the hair that led in a trail to the top of his jeans. She watched him in a now alert state. This wasn’t her ...

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...w Jason watching the two of them. This was intense. This felt so very, very good and she wanted it all.

They had never even talked about something like this. He had never even expressed a desire for a threesome. She felt herself almost purring in ecstasy as the fingers below started their full assault moving within her. She slid down to her knees unable to stand any longer, wanting to spread herself wide for more. She looked down at her own breasts and began to manipulate the nipples with her fingertips, twisting and turning them the way he used to and looked up to see the expression on his face. She felt so much power, she felt alive again knowing she could pull the reaction from him she craved.

He gave a slight nod and with a wicked smile whispered ” I will love you forever Alyssa” she closed her eyes and smiled never feeling the cold steel move across her throat.

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