Essay I Am An Old Photo

Essay I Am An Old Photo

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The room was dark and gloomy, and nothing could be identified as it was covered in thick layers of dust which had accumulated over the years. No one had entered this room in decades. All I wanted was an old photo album of all the vacations we had been on together as a family. I bent down to pick up a small notebook, covered in grime and a bit of mould. However the floral scent of my mother still lingered within the pages, which proved the notebook hadn’t been opened in several years. I was only flicking through them, until I saw a page dated in October 1916, with a love heart occupying the whole page. Imbedded inside the oversized heart were two sets of initials; J.G and D.F. I recognised that D.F stood for Daisy Fay, but who was J.G? I decided I would go downstairs to our lounge room where my mother was relaxing. It was her journal so I knew I was taking a risk by asking about her private life, but because it was from thirty years ago, I assumed she wouldn’t mind telling me about her teenage crush.
I made my way up to my mother with an excited yet curious feeling.
“I have found something I think you’d like to see. What does J.G stand for?” I asked her as I passed her the diary.
It was then that for the first time in my life, I saw pure sadness in my mother’s great, big, dark ocean blue eyes.
“J.G stands for Jay Gatsby,” she replied.
I had absolutely no idea who that man was. I didn’t know why my mother had never mentioned this name until now, and I certainly didn’t know why his initials were in my mother’s neatly kept diary.
“What’s wrong? Why did your face drop all of a sudden? I thought me finding this would bring back great memories of when you were a teenager, I didn’t mean to upset you!” I cried when the look on my moth...

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...pened so fast. I don’t recall seeing it happen, but I do remember a solid slapping sound. It was then that my mother fell to the ground, screaming out in pain. It sounded like the kind of scream you could only ever hear in a horror movie, the kind that is not real. I looked to her, and saw a large hand print down the side of her structured face, even from the door. My father was shaking out his hand the same way you would when you don’t have a towel to dry your hands on after washing them. My mother then stood up, and ran towards the door. I knew I needed to get out of there. I wasn’t meant to witness any of it. I ran up the stairs to the attic and fell to the ground. I don’t know what to do now. What had I begun? How different would my life be if she’d gone with Gatsby? All I know is that my mother made a mistake staying with my father and it was all because of me.

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