I Am An Intelligent Lady Essay

I Am An Intelligent Lady Essay

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I was the person everyone knew as the smart girl to make outstanding grades, but what no one knew is how I felt about myself inside. I was the person everyone wanted to excel in school in every subject, I began to become even more insecure about my reading and writing capabilities as I grew older.
Growing up I was never looked at as needing tutoring with my learning. I caught on to things very quickly as stories were told to me that I was talking early, saying words my family didn’t even know that I had known. I would talk so much as they would say the saying “I talked a whole in their head”. At that moment ,they knew in their hearts that I would be an intelligent lady that would excel higher than others and I would let them down.
I moved on to graduating preschool with flying colors. I began attending elementary school in Newport News for kindergarten and first grade, then we up and moved to Georgia and back to Newport News where I completed third grade and fourth grade. Things were quite fine throughout Elementary school I maintained the grades of A’s and B’s and this was passed on throughout middle school.

Middle school got harder the attention moved off of me and no one really noticed my struggles. Sixth grade was uncommon things had changed we up and rooted from Virginia eight hundred miles away to Columbus, Ohio for my step-mothers work opportunities. I had no friends everything was new to me, the environment, the weather changes and different schools Being the new kid in the city I felt like an outsider, the learning materials were different then what I was used to. I bottled things inside like missing my family, getting accustomed to the new setting until I was given the opportunity to receive a mentor from the sch...

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...I won’t be able to understand what I’m reading. I find myself sometimes having to re-read a sentence three or fours times just to comprehend what the author is talking about. This is a struggle for me because I never think outside of the box, discussions will occur in a class where the teacher wants to know why does the author do this? And What is the message of the story? I will have no clue, but everyone else can figure out an answer, this makes me struggle inside. I never once failed a Standards of Learning English test, but I have insecurities within myself.
These are fears that I have within myself, but having these doubts in my head does not stop me from trying my best I still write papers and I learn my mistakes, and I continue to read even though it Is difficult to comprehend what the story is about. I don’t let this stop me from my goal of completing college

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