Essay about I Am An Age Year Old Girl

Essay about I Am An Age Year Old Girl

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I am an eighteen-year-old girl who is a first time college student and living on my own. I moved two hours away from my family, live alone with my puppy, and attend school full time. Often times I find it hard being a full time student, living on my own, and caring for a puppy. With school I take many classes and with those classes comes just as much work. Not only do I need to schedule time for actually going to class but also for homework, papers, projects, and studying. Sometimes I don’t get enough time to myself because school consumes so much of my time. I find it hard to accomplish my school work as well as any everyday household chores and tasks. When I don’t get to do my schoolwork it sets me back, and when I don’t get to do my household chores it sets me even more behind and, I eventually get too overwhelmed. Now, I have to figure out when and if I can get caught up on my behind tasks. I pile too much onto my plate and don’t realize how to fix it. With all this stress of school, home, and puppy, I break down and cry. It isn’t easy.
This behavior of putting things off and not doing everything for the day is not healthy for me and my life. So, I am making my behavior change to plan and follow a daily schedule. I am hoping that in making a daily schedule I can complete my tasks for that day, organize my life, set aside time for the important tasks, and reduce my stress and anxiety.
The first thing I am going to do is plan my day the day before. I can sit down and take maybe five to ten minutes to think about what needs to get done for the next day and what I would like to accomplish. “Scheduling is like having a written roadmap for each day… a flexible schedule can be revised and adjusted every evening before the next day ...

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...n into action, I will soon find that I can either schedule in time to myself or I’ll have everything done and in return will have that free time. I think I’m most excited for being able to complete all of my tasks and get that free time I feel I deserve. I feel that at this point in my life I can only benefit from planning a daily schedule. Now, following through with it might be difficult at first but to help me along the way I can give myself rewards. For example, if I can plan and schedule an entire week and accomplish every task, I will reward myself my going to my favorite restaurant and getting my favorite meal. Of course I will do other things but I have to really test myself for reward. I want this daily scheduling to be successful and I want it to make a difference in my life. I am excited to start this behavior change plan and see what I can get out of it.

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