I Am A Single Step Into The Room Essay

I Am A Single Step Into The Room Essay

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I take a single step into the room, glance over everything, confirming my suspicions, and then turn right back around. I’ve seen plenty places exactly like this and I want nothing to do with it. I am not doing this. Any of this. I will not take it.
Jensen jumps in front of me, cutting my escape off. He thinks this is a good idea. But then again, every idea he has, he believes is a good idea. I believe the exact opposite.
“Where are you going?” he asks.
My expression changes from ‘hell no’ to shocked annoyance. “I’m not doing anything in that room. I know what that place is. I am not a damn guinea pig,” I snap, trying to shove pass him.
The idiot stands his ground, keeping me in place with a big hand on my shoulder. If I really wanted to, I know I could easily get passed him, though, that might involve breaking his arms. “We just need to run a few tests to make sure the Demon Serum hasn’t affected you in a negative way. I trust the doctor here.”
“What kind of negative effects?”
“We just want to make sure you’re not hurting other people…”
“Like I might be radioactive. That’s what you’re worried about and what’s with this we thing? I want nothing to do with this,” I express, sharply.
“It’s more my father and the other leaders here.”
I sigh, relaxing. “Fine. Let’s get this over with.” I turn to go back and the moment Jensen’s guard is down, I spin on my heels and run. If I get to the cliff side, he won’t be able to catch me. The only problem is Jensen’s guard doesn’t go down so he’s ready for me when I try to run. He scoops me up into his arms and easily throws me over his shoulder. I yell in frustration, trying to wiggle out of his grip without hurting him. It’s hard to do if I don’t want to hurt him. I already knocked him out y...

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...ny. “What makes you say that?” the doctor asks.
I shrug. “I really don’t know, but it makes sense. The only way to create an Angel is for them, to first be demon. If they could find a serum that made a human ready for an Angel transformation instead of using a demon, wouldn’t they use it?” I shake my head, pinching the bridge of my nose. What a weird though. “Forget about it.”
Estin clears his throat before continuing. “Another fact about the Demon Serum is the less someone takes, the higher chance of dying they have. Normally at the time of the Choosing when the Angels give every human, they’ve round up, barely any serum, causing in a lot of deaths and a handful of demon. The lucky few who survive usually only have enhanced strength, senses and speed. However, the more Demon Serum someone takes, the higher chance a person has to survive and to develop rare powers.”

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