Essay about I Am A Shy Kid

Essay about I Am A Shy Kid

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Everybody is born differently. But mainly we have two types of humans. Intelligent people, planning their life or an idea of what they want to do with their lives. Such as going to college and becoming someone in life. On the other hand, we have people that take life as it comes, without a plan or nothing. Well, I’m one of the types of people that likes to dream really big. Having in mind that success will come with an education. It 's tough and challenging but not hard enough to give up.
Throughout my first years It was difficult because I did not speak English. Being a shy kid was probably harder. I went to Juan Seguin Elementary School, were I think I learn a lot. Had extraordinary teachers and where I felt smarter. Getting commended in math and science both years I was there. Hartman Middle School was next, I had pretty good times and adventures. Academically I did really well, especially in math. Which has been my strongest subject. That helped me catch the principal 's attention and wanted me to transfer to the magnet program. Which I felt special for such an offer. But at the end, for certain circumstances i didn’t join the magnet program.
Chavez High School was probably the best decision I could’ve made. I was encouraged to do well in school and get excellent grades, and I accomplished it. My freshman year was my best year academically. I had the grades that I desired and without even knowing I started an outstanding GPA. While at the same time playing for the school’s soccer team. Which became the best experience in my life so far. Meet friends that now I consider them as my brothers. My sophomore year and junior year were pretty similar. Until the end of my junior year where I started realizing that I was about to ...

... middle of paper ... would go to my high school classes and talk about college life. I honestly thought they were playing, trying to scare us to make us focus in school or whatever. Their stories about staying up late trying to finish their assignments, and about studying everyday, etc. In my mind I thought they were just exaggerating. But now that finally my time to be in college has come, i believe them. I have never seen this much work in my life. I 'm used to a simple worksheet for homework and continues reminders of the due dates of work. Simple one page essays, maximum two. Is like teaching someone how to drive for the first time and you make them get in the freeway. But I know I can do this and become one of the most prestigious engineers and making my family proud. My family is the biggest strength and my number one motivation to graduate and get my bachelors degree and more.

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