I Am A Professor Of Washburn Essay

I Am A Professor Of Washburn Essay

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Faculty Interview: Professor Heather Synder
Professor Heather Synder is a new professor of Washburn, who came all the way from Michigan to be an instructor here at our University. She is currently teaching Biology in the Stoffer Science Hall. Looking back at the interview, it is evident that Professor Synder truly wishes for the best of her students and genuinely enjoys teaching at Wasburn University.
There were two possible instructors I had in mind to interview, my Biology professor or my Psychology professor. My first impression of both professors was that they both seemed like friendly and approachable people; I felt I would be more comfortable to interview one of them than the other teachers I had this semester . Professor Synder was one of my choices for the interview because I do enjoy the sciences, whether it is life science, social science, or formal science. Biology might be a degree I might be interested in pursuing so I thought she would be a good choice to answer my questions. This also went the same for my Psychology teacher, but after talking to one of the students in our class, she was thinking about interviewing her as well. After thinking about it, I decided that Professor Synder was going to be the one I would interview.
I was curious why she picked Biology as her major and if she had any other ideas what she wanted to do before that. Professor Snyder’s degree is in natural resource management in environmental science, which is like a subcategory in Biology. She told me that she always wanted to know how things worked as a kid, and as a result, would take things apart to try to figure out how exactly they worked. Ultimately that was what Biology is; exploring how things work in the world around us. Another ...

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...one and it is an investment; people pay for schooling in hopes to get a job that would enable them to be successful and make a good sum of money. I do agree with what Professor said and I honestly do not have anything to say that would go against her views. This was the first expereince I had with interviewing someone, and as a result felt awkward and nervous, and that was something I would of like to change.
This assignment was a great opportunity to begin to feel more comfortable approaching faculty members and to learn the proper way of contacting professors, such as sending emails and making appointments. After conducting the interview, I found that it is important to build a friendly relationship with instructors because they are here to help , and being in good terms can help with a possible reference and unlock career opportunities in your field of interest.

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